Mentorship in how to be an entrepreneur by Melissa Wood.

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You Can Have It All
Fun & Freedom
Wellness & Purpose

Starting Today
Starting your own home based business gives you freedom.

Home Based Business

Now, I have freedom and choices.
I am free to do what I want, when I want.  No alarm clock.
As Randy Gage says, “I get up when I’m done sleeping.”
And it’s a beautiful place to be.
I will mentor you to get there, too.

Starting Today
You've dreamed of always starting your own business. Get out of the stress and improve your health by doing it.

Work From Home

I started researching herbs and nutrition. I started reducing stress in my life. I began juicing, fasting, eating herbs and using a lot of other natural therapies. I will mentor you to show you how to take control of your health while starting your home based business.

Starting Today
How to be an entrepreneur is what Melissa Wood's mentoring will teach you.

Being Your Own Boss

Live a purpose-driven life by being your own boss. It is a dream few people believe they can have. I mentor you to provide the guidance and the methods to get you that life.

Starting Today
Start your own home based business for a second line of income.

Plan B Income

Create a life with more freedom and more flexibility.
Call your own shots and live life on your own terms.
If you’ve always desired to have your own business,
I will mentor you to get that idea off the ground.

Starting Today

An Entrepreneur Must Dream

You can reach back into your past and pump new life into your childhood ability to dream and create goals. Your life is not over. Today is your first day of your tomorrow.

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Good health is the foundation of everything in your life. My years as a naturopathic doctor will help you with natural strategies that will improve your health in ways you didn’t know were possible all while you’re learning how to be an entrepreneur.


To truly live a purpose-driven life, it will require work, discipline and guidance. I’ll mentor you to provide the guidance you need and the methods you need to build your discipline. To start that dream business all you need to do is to commit to it.


You can escape the rat race! I have and I will mentor you in how to create a life with freedom, flexibility and be able to call your own shots. You might not have to have the 9-5 job. It is time that you achieve your small business goals.


If you have a purpose, good health and freedom then you can obtain the maximum fun in life, all while starting your home based business! When I mentor you, I show you how easy life can be when you take control of your life and enjoy every moment of every day.

Melissa Wood will mentor you in creating multiple lines of income and help you to start your own business..
Are you ready to finally start the business you dreamed of? Contact Melissa and she'll show you how.

Why I Became a Mentor

by Melissa Wood

Although my career in naturopathic medicine has been extremely rewarding, I came to realize that many people needed support and guidance for not only how to make their health work, but how to make their life work too! So many people had terrible jobs, trouble with their finances, and difficulty with their relationships. So over time, my path has transitioned into something far greater and diversified than I had ever imagined. I became a mentor to help those who wanted to find out how to be an entrepreneur.

Those who have worked under my tutelage to start their own work from home enterprises have finally realized their dreams of having a home based business. They are now happy, feel in control of their lives and are healthier than they have been in years. It is such a joy for me to be able to help people attain their goals in life, instead of focusing only on improving their health.  All aspects of a person’s life are interconnected and to achieve the ultimate is to find good health and balance in all aspects of life.

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Melissa is a life changer! A couple years ago, I was struggling to find the next step in my career, and was lucky to find her. Since meeting Melissa, I have been inspired and encouraged to create multiple income streams. More importantly, I have found a friend and mentor that’s supportive and truly cares. She has been my accountability partner and the “shot” of motivation I need when facing obstacles to my business and personal growth. Thank you, Melissa.

Matt Bierds

Licensed Professional Counselor

Melissa and I met about ten years ago. With her encouragement and support, I was able to establish a much more balanced life. She attentively listened and helped me “brainstorm” job opportunities, as I had had to retire early from a career in teaching because of health issues. With her gentle, yet persistent guidance, I was able to establish my own tutoring service. How enriched my life and the lives of my students have been by doing so!

Cindy Peterson

Retired Special Education Teacher

Learn How to be an Entrepreneur

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