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As a young adult, I suffered from anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances and sadly, cancer. I was born to older parents. My mom was 40 years old and my dad was 60 years old when I was born. In my early 20s, both of my parents got sick at the same time and I had the displeasure of watching the conventional medical world fail my parents. My mother had two different types of cancer, which neither chemo nor radiation had helped. She died within a year. My dad had Alzheimer’s disease and spent many years in an Alzheimer’s care home until he died several years later. When I was 23 years old and just after my mom had died, I was diagnosed with stage III cervical cancer. After just having witnessed what my mother went through with horrific treatments with awful side effects, I declined my doctor’s urgent warning for chemo and radiation. Instead, I started researching herbs and nutrition. Although I did opt to have some surgery, I refused the other treatments. I began juicing, fasting, using herbs and a lot of other natural therapies. I recovered fully.


My first career was in the oil/gas industry as a computer programmer, which I despised. When I began developing some other health issues in my early 30s, I found a local Naturopathic Doctor. I did not know about that type of work, so long story short, I went to school and studied. Eventually, I worked 8-1/2 years with this man in his clinic, and then I went on to have eight years in my own private practice. I am now retired.

Changing My Life

Although my career in naturopathic medicine has been extremely rewarding, I came to realize over time that many people needed support and guidance for not only how to make their health work, but how to make their lives work, too! So many people had terrible jobs, trouble with their finances, and difficulty with their relationships. So over time, my path had transitioned into something far greater and diversified. Many, many years ago, I was introduced to the concept of multiple streams of income and having your own home-based businesses. After studying many people who have successfully done this, I can say that now I have done it successfully, as well. I haven’t had a “job” in over seven years. My passion now is helping people to have ALL they want in life by focusing on Wellness, Purpose, Freedom and Fun.

Achieving Happiness

What gives my life purpose is to share my story and help others to do what I have done. By giving back, by helping others to live a fuller life, fuels my passion for living. You really can have it all. You deserve wellness, freedom and fun in your life! I am happy to mentor you into owning your own business and experience all that you can be.

Melissa Wood Mentoring

You can have it all.  Contact Melissa today with questions that you have or to get started on finally owning your own home based business.

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